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A Little Bit About Rob

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When I was young, there was no question about my brilliance, at least for me.

Then my environment got a hold on me. Without casting judgement, a challenging upbringing set the tone and dimmed my shine.

After a decades-long journey, spanning the globe, dabbling in alternate realities, leading me from investment banking in London to spending lengthy time with Shamanic tribes in the Amazon, I have been guided to the Truth and shown how to render this physical being in the optimal reality.

Today I’m not seeking anything. It’s all right here. My only focus now is to help you awaken beyond your filters and guide you towards the truth, and the truth is that each one of us is brilliant, and absolute abundance is available right here right now

What I do for you

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

I work with you at a blueprint level through frequencies which ultimately changes your thinking and perception of yourself and this reality.

Your spirit will awaken fast and then an exciting, expansive process of transformation organically begins. You become the true brilliance you always have been in this physical form. Heaven on Earth becomes your natural state.

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Why Frequencies?

I’ve tried every plant medicine there is and although the experiences were incredibly expansive, wild and unfathomable to the human mind, they were always about exploring ‘out there’, when the human experience is about being right here and now.

Our optimal existence is to be in Spacetime: right here, in our bodies, in this moment. This is where we manifest anything we choose once we learn the mechanics.

It’s a really good gig that we humans are participating in here. Learning the mechanics is learning to work at a frequency level.

Through a lifetime of spiritual curiosity and experimentation, I have found nothing comes close, frequency work is the most efficient method to awaken.

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Upcoming Events

I want to share this information as broadly as possible. As the planet shifts into a higher consciousness, our integration is essential. I’ll be available to speak at well-being events, business forums, professional sport teams, Healthcare organizations and private functions . – any and all will deeply benefit from an introduction to working with frequencies.

Past Events

I have hosted transformative events, some with Mas Sajady, in various locations such as the Science Museum in London, Ibiza and Rio de Janeiro. One of my recent retreats was held at Spirit Lodge, which I own, on Pender Island, British Columbia. I will be having many, many more of these retreats in the near future in exciting, expansive locations. Stay tuned.

Private Oracle Circle | Sensuality

Mas Sajady will be in Brazil this February for this event, where the sensuality of the land and culture is deep and the energies of the four elements strong.

The Manifestation Frequency Retreat

Hear From Those Who Attended

The Power Frequency - How to Expand into Higher Consciousness and Manifest Miracles

Hear From Those Who Attended

The Power Frequency- Secrets of the Quantum Field to Unlock Human Possibilities & Potential

Hear From Those Who Attended

Featured Products

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Black spruce, cedar & eucalyptus essential oils soft burning candle. 8 oz frosted glass jar with white lid | burn time approximately 60 hours. Ethically harvested and has a clean burn.

Rob’s Photography


This series distils the essence of Rob Baines’s inner world, as a veritable tree whisperer, exposing the deepened layer of magic that resides within the brilliance of nature

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