About Me


My name is Rob Baines


My function with this work is to assist you in integrating with your highest, purest abundant Self through frequency work, and to be a catalyst for the eradication of addiction patterns, self-abuse and trauma release.

My journey over the last thirty-five years has led me through a series of expeditions, experiences and self-discovery of many doctrines and dogmas from all over the world. Ultimately, I’ve arrived at what I consider to be a fundamental truth of the human journey towards enlightenment: Each one of us holds the universal knowledge and power within, and frequency work is one of the fastest methods to awaken and unlock your fullest potential.

But I can only speak from experience:


I left Vancouver, Canada and moved to Australia when I was 21. The potent mix of being highly ambitious but on a self-destructive path of alcoholism led to a successful investment banking career in London, and the inevitable crash and burn personally.

I got sober through a twelve-step program and have now been for over 33 years. I do not define myself as an alcoholic or addict anymore as that label has been deleted at a DNA level.

Amongst all of the illusory chaos I have always been guided by a strong spiritual curiosity, and that ultimately led me to the Amazon rainforest. After being sober for 25 years, I went all in on psychedelics.

For 4-5 years I tried every plant medicine there is on offer from the Tribes. Fascinating, really amazing technology. It showed me what’s out there, and what’s out there is profound, incredible, and unfathomable to the human mind. But, the plants eventually guided me to the realization that we are not participating in the human experience when we are out there. Our optimal existence is to be in Spacetime: right here, in our bodies, in this moment. This is where we manifest anything we choose once we learn the mechanics.

It’s a really good gig that we humans are participating in here.

During my psychonaut period with the plant medicines, and from a completely different circle of influence, I was introduced to Mas Sajady, who without doubt has made the grandest impact on my life to-date. Mas is the pioneer of combining the physics of spacetime and the power of frequencies for rapid, real-time transformation in all aspects of life, unlocking human potential to achieve limitless possibilities. Mas’s unprecedented gifts to hone-in and analyze a person’s life algorithm have helped elevate the lives of countless individuals. Mas has been guiding, mentoring and teaching me for several years now and he has shown that we all are capable of awakening and developing our own unique set of abilities.

I have such a breadth of knowledge and experience in these illusions of the human story, from day one we are constantly fed these things: if you’re successful, if you have money, if you’re in the hip crowd, have a prestigious job, look a certain way, etc. We’re taught/ programmed these things will complete us. I’ve done it, I’ve done it all. I’ve hung out with royalty, celebrities, and the homeless, from both spectrums. I’ve had the great riches of the world, participating in all of these incredible, unique experiences. None of it, none of it completed me. It didn’t change me one bit. In fact, it only amplified my distortions in the same way we witness so many individuals who supposedly have it all become exposed as totally miserable and suicidal.

I bypass the mind when working with you as there are too many mental blocks to make any real lasting progress, hence, the incredibly low success rate of conventional therapy.

I work at your blueprint level through frequencies and that then changes your thinking and perception of yourself and this reality. As Nikola Tesla so accurately stated: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Headshots of Rob Baines in Photo booth

I am not a healer as no individual can heal anyone else if their spirit is not awake, yes their spirit and not the person.


I can help awaken your spirit very fast and ignite the exciting, expansive process of transformation where you will become aware of the true brilliance you always have been in this physical form.

One of my abilities is to step in and out of the matrix of Human consciousness. This has allowed me to recognize that we, as humans… we have control over everything. There is nothing, no person, no commodity, spirit, entity, whatever it is, all this stuff about, we are in control of everything, there is nothing higher than ourselves, but we forgot that.

Ultimately, If you’re not living a life of abundance, and you’re full of fear, that is not who you’re supposed to be, that isn’t your natural state. I’m here to tell you that there is a solution out there, there really is and it’s a pretty simple solution. It takes work, there is a process, but it’s all good, because you are eternally involved in this evolution of consciousness, and evolution is always seeking a higher frequency.

The only focus I have now is to follow the truth. There is one truth. I’m not as concerned with what happens in this density, because it’s all good. Different relationships, where I live, the career, the profile, the ego, the persona – I’m good with whatever is happening, but I want it to be the truth. That’s what motivates me in everything I do, because when you tap into the truth, when you tap into your pure essence, and you are merged with the higher self, there is nothing in this reality that can compete with you, nothing.

If you cannot comprehend some of the terms I have used, it’s ok; first we raise our frequency and then the mind catches-up (not the other way around as mainstream wellness advocates).

I am really conversing with your Higher self in any event. The great news is that there is no judgement on the other side of the veil. This means no-one gets the special treatment and no one gets left behind; it is available for everyone and not based on you figuring anything out.

So let out a breath, relax and let’s begin this exciting Metamorphosis together.