About SpaceTime


Spacetime is the one, optimal reality, which means your Timebound Self and your Timeless Self are in harmony at the same Spacetime coordinates (XYZ coordinates) and can therefore operate together as a singular unit. A very simple method to bring your body into Spacetime is to simply stop and observe where you are in space and time. (hint: Space is always HERE, Time is always NOW)

Most people have so many distortions/ filters that their Spirit is often wondering: where are you? You’re not here. I’m going to go to sleep because you’re never here. You’re always in the future or the past, but you’re never here.

All of a sudden you start to practice being in Spacetime to the best of your ability, and your spirit goes, oh, there you are, and wakes up, and then starts looking around causing you to notice what is incongruent in your experience, because spirit can only be in complete abundance.

So then Spacetime is the simple recognition and consistent immersion into the perfection of here and now. It may take some time before you fully integrate Spacetime into your everyday existence, but once you have, it becomes incredibly powerful in manifesting anything you choose.

I have always had frequencies that would attract a certain group to me: Celebrities, Royalty, Entrepreneurs that created global mainstream businesses, amongst others. It was never a cognitive decision, these experiences just came to me, and now as I become more fluent with the mechanics of frequencies, I understand how it works. We all have access to these things and through our work together with Spacetime, I will show you how to be a manifester in your own life. Relationships, wealth, health, inner-connection, etc. You name it, you have access to it.