Additction & Trauma


The conversation about addiction has changed significantly. Through working with frequencies, addiction can now be targeted from its deepest core level, and it is a frequency pattern that can be removed entirely.

Both traditional and alternative addiction treatments focus on surface level symptoms, with no cure or healing from what is a fundamentally unnatural state of being. Through the power of frequencies you become EMPOWERED to transcend the controlling frequencies that keep us enslaved to our addictions.

Once you transcend the addiction frequency, you do not have to go back. You are now operating at a level where the pattern no longer exists.

I work with people coping with addiction themselves and those who run complimentary frequency patterns such as family and friends of people who are dealing with addiction.

As a recovered alcoholic, much of my spiritual work over the past three decades has been around understanding the nature of addiction.

Mas Sajady, with whom I have worked with for several years, has created an addiction recovery series that has had unprecedented success.

Mas is somewhat of a surgeon, he will remove the pattern. It is groundbreaking work, but it can be very disconcerting to now be living without something that you considered part of your identity for so long.

It can be easy then to fall into softer addictions (shopping, sex) as a coping mechanism, I will help you bypass that and quickly use your newfound freedom to instead integrate with your highest state of being.

My addiction work functions as both a preparation for this course, and an integration program following the course.

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