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I Work With Individuals, Couples, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Healthcare and more.

Private Frequency Sessions

 I will guide you in a potent, frequency-infused conversation directed to your specific needs. Sessions are not about healing, because there is nothing to heal. It is about integration with your purest frequency, which is always available to you.

20 min Private Frequency Sessions with Rob are conducted in person or on Zoom

Group integration meditations

Meditation is one of the simplest ways to dissolve filters and connect with your highest self. I will guide you from decades of experience in all methods of meditation, while introducing and leveraging the exponential power of harnessing frequencies.


20 min Group Frequency Sessions with Rob are conducted in person or on Zoom

Q & A Sessions

An opportunity to ask me any and all questions related to Spacetime and frequency work. The conversations we generate through Q & A will help build a bridge of awareness and understanding to soothe the mind in its cognitive process, although frequency work has little to do with the mind.

30 min Q&A Sessions with Rob are conducted in person or on Zoom.

Addiction & Trauma Support

With frequency work we will address the deepest core level of the addiction pattern. As a recovered alcoholic, much of my spiritual work over the past three decades has been around understanding the nature of addiction.


Course of 10 sessions 30 minutes

Spiritual Mentoring

I will mentor you as you navigate the day to day physical journey and begin to recognize how often we slip into familiar but destructive realities, and how simple it is to consistently ground yourself in Spacetime.

Course of 10 sessions 30 minutes