I am excited to be offering a collaboration with Nina Deckers, who has vast clarity and knowledge from the studies of Medical Medium by Anthony William.

We will be holding future events (in person and online) which will offer a combination of Nina’s expertise and guidance on cleansing at a deeper level, nourishing the body at a cellular level, and high vibrational food along with myself helping you shift at your frequency level and enabling you to be your optimal self without will-power.

*Details of autumn event in Ibiza will follow soon

Nina Deckers


The body is our precious physical vessel that for our time here on earth deserves utmost care and attention as it is working for us around the clock, to protect and to heal us.

A body with toxins is not only leading to illness, it can hinder our access to our spiritual connectedness, intuition and to clarity. It can hinder compassion and love for ourselves and others, and it can alter moods. It is more susceptible to toxic behaviour and addiction.

Our body needs to be able to hold a high frequency and the best way to achieve this is by helping our body to clean out toxins, and nourish it on a cellular level.

My work is to help people achieve physical healing and optimal health through deep cleansing and optimal nourishment of our cells. When we cleanse and nourish our body to real health, our soul begins to heal, and we connect to our intuition on deeper levels than ever experienced before. This is an ongoing process that is immensely powerful for lasting and thriving health, and to access higher frequencies.

Toxicity is not visible in people. Toxins, heavy metals, radiation, are all hiding deep in our organs, tissues and fat cells. They are a major determining factor in our aging process.

The work I do and my nutrition and health programs are based on the information of Medical Medium, because it is the most advanced and most effective and detailed medical information available. I am a certified Health Coach and a medical board certified Naturopath in training.

The combination of Rob’s frequency work and my work will help your body thrive and cleanse at the deepest cellular level, which will ultimately lead to incredibly powerful healing and an infinitely multiplying effect.