Clients From North America

“For over 10 years, Rob has been a reliable source of inspiration, guidance and unconditional love without judgment. When I first met Rob, I was paralyzed by fear and unable to see my potential for growth. He helped me to experience a complete shift in my thinking and how I viewed myself and my place in the universe. Rob’s wisdom and positive influence have been life changing for me and I am forever grateful I was introduced to him.”
– Robert Miami, USA

“My sessions with Rob are magnificent. Words can’t describe how much my perspective and frequency has switched. Everything started to align into place for me. Rob truly knows how to connect you to spirit and shift your frequencies in space time”
– Sarah Kelowna, Canada

“I was going through a hard time integrating after doing intense self work and Rob always knew what I needed to hear so I can help myself. He opened up my mind and heart to see things differently and to remind me life supports me. Rob is someone I admire for how he lives his life. He trusts life and this is something I needed in my life. His words of wisdom is something I always go back to when I am struggling as he always says, it is very simple. No need to complicate it. I Trust my spirit and love myself. He has done so much inner work, he lives what he says and his wisdom is priceless.”
– Cecille Sebastian, Las Vegas USA

“I haven’t met anyone who lives from a more pure frequency of ease and abundance than Rob. The space Rob creates, or rather, the frequencies he generates immediately bring a sudden clarity that this whole life thing is a lot simpler and more fun than we often allow it to be.”
– Greg Vancouver, Canada

“Rob is a very straightforward guide who can diplomatically stop you mid-sentence to detect your own distortions without actually saying it. He doesn’t entertain you staying in your drama, and helps you see that, so you can break through patterns that do not serve you. He gave me great insights into truly and fully trusting myself, my intuition and letting go of anything that doesn’t assist your higher self.”
– Elizabeth Tulum, Mexico

“Rob Baines is an auspiciously amazing, highly conscious human being, who positively affects every being he meets! He is a benevolent leader with a broad understanding of all of life! He can see the highest potential in all situations and helps all beings to see and understand more of their own potential and authentic Magnificence! He is a Visionary and a Solutionist!!”
– Karen San Diego, United States

“Rob has the ability and the strength to guide you through your deepest fears and help you release all patterns and filters that keep you from seeing and accepting your own brilliance. He and his work are coming from such a pure and clean space, a frequency higher than love. If you really really want change in your life, work with him.”
– Karin Hawaii, United States

“Through Rob’s presence, our conversations & his methods I got re-connected to my truest self or essence. Now I am experiencing the “joy de vivre” of my youth, greater optimism, and resolution of chronic anxiety, unsatisfying relational patterns and more. A great guy to help you reclaim your power & your life.”
– Liza Vancouver, Canada

“Within five minutes of talking to Rob about his frequency work, it was crystal-clear, and I knew that diving into frequency work was for me. Rob has a gorgeous style of sharing knowledge and explaining and teaching energy awareness in a way that I can relate to. I highly recommend working with Rob if you want to raise your consciousness exponentially.”
– Michael Salt Spring Island, Canada

“The journey from the mind to the heart is only about 12 inches yet it’s the longest journey I’ve had to take; Rob introduced me and guided me on this journey. I am eternally grateful to Rob for this gift.”
– Einer Vancouver Canada

Clients From Europe

“Rob is probably the kindest, happiest, most giving and spiritually connected person I know. He emits positivity, unconditional love and hope. With his help and guidance I’ve been able to not only break free of my addictions, but also live a much more fulfilling, meaningful and happy life. He’s truly one of a kind and I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have him in my life.”
– Alex Athens, Greece

“Don’t be fooled by his sweet smile, sparkly eyes and gentle manner. Rob is a powerhouse and very connected to higher realms which he pulls in during our sessions. He can afford to be light hearted since he has the answer. With his head in the ethers and feet on the floor, he is a great guide for me and always pushes me to connect to my own power and not be spiritually dependent on him or others.”
– Billy Romania Balkans

“Rob introduced me to the possibility of genuine healing in my recovery, as opposed to the struggle and mediocrity that I was used to. He is a positive presence in which I could finally drop the old addictive patterns and start to actually live. I have been happily sober for almost 10 years now. Thank you Rob!”
– Matt, London, UK

“Rob just has this way of bringing passion to everything he does. He really cares. This passion is so beautifully crafted in all his creative intentions to support and guide people to live in their greatest potential, while doing it with potent doses of humor and grace.”
– Chris Dublin, Ireland

“I met Rob years ago and he has been an incredible mentor and teacher to me ever since. Rob has played a large role in my personal transformation, by introducing me to frequency work I have never experienced before. The result is a powerful shift in my personal and work life, I feel fully aligned and my purpose became clear. I highly recommend working with Rob, he is the most authentic person and his advice and skills are worth gold. I love that he keeps the hard work and support he provides for others always fun and light. ”
– Nina Berlin, Germany

“Rob makes anything simple and concise. It is like he is talking to my Spirit directly and I just “get it” . I have had amazing clarity shifts by working with Rob. He is also a super sweet guy.”
– Daniel Ibiza, Spain

“I have had the pleasure of working for Rob for over 21 years. He has been an invaluable mentor and a true friend who I know always has my back, unconditionally. Rob has the ability to see the higher positive perspective where others may see despair. Kindness of his heart and leading by example have been his way of manifesting his truthfulness. His work is based on believing in human potential without judgment, seeing through the eyes, and touching your heart, from a higher space. Rob thank you”
– Paul London, UK

“Quiet water runs deep… if I can summarize my meeting with Rob is definitely this… awesome person & a role model for life.”
– Pupik Barcelona, Spain

“Mind blowing!!!! His breathwork sessions send me to much higher realities and I manage to bring the teachings into this life ”
– Catherine London, UK

“Clear positive Chanel of unconditional love. Rob’s wisdom of the heart is simply divine !”
– Anika Ibiza, Spain

“Spending a moment with Rob is receiving pure love. Blessings come as a result of participating in Rob’s studies and work.”
– Abraham Seville, Spain

Clients From South America

“Rob is one of the most positive and inspiring persons I have ever met. To be in his presence leaves me always uplifted, light and joyful. He has a unique way to perceive life and he transmits his innate wisdom in an utmost natural way.”
– Egon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I was blasted when I opened my mind to know more about frequencies. It was a knowledge that was shallow for me at the beginning, but then with Rob, I could explore and know more about it. I felt like I knew it from before, but I just realized how awake I am right now from the work with Rob, realizing that the most beautiful thing around me in this physical living stage, is ourselves! Most people still need to wake up and reduce these filters and feel how amazing it is without them.”
– Hudson Brasilia, Brazil